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Jia Yang lighting Led panel lamp first brand
Time:2015-05-05    Read:5152 Time     Source: Jia Yang lighting
Jia Yang lighting products:SMD light source, with SMD lamp, led ceiling lamps, lamp for the children, and LED fluorescent tube, LED panel lights, high power LED cast light, LED light strip, led wash wall lamp series. Products are widely used in household, dance halls, hotels, square, real estate, city lighting, garden lighting, entertainment, business location, with the advantages of high brightness, energy saving, environmental protection, long life and so on. We will use first-class technology, first-class quality and first-class speed for you to offer the most suitable products, we also look forward to the discerning eye can you with us to join hands in creating a better future.
Jia Yang lighting to create the first brand of LED panel light, looking across the country dealers!

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