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The evolution of light bulbs
Time:2013-06-08    Read:3929 Time

From 2001, China's real estate companies began to appear the trend of vigorous development, driven by the relevant industries, such as decorative market, lamps market, building materials market development. After decades of development, the domestic lamps industry has gradually matured. Under the big development space, also is facing a very severe challenge, in this situation, the enterprise has the light fitting market to reposition, changes own business pattern, adapts the market change.
There are 3 main electric lamps that have come into our life, incandescent lamp, energy saving lamp and LED lamp..
In the world the earliest get recognized the people's light is none other than the non incandescent lamp, incandescent lamp is famous American inventor Thomas Edison invented in 1879. It is the biggest output and the most widely used electric light..
Energy saving lamp, the formal name for the rare earth trichromatic compact type fluorescent lamp, it in the 70s of the 20th century is Philips of the Netherlands, the company manufactured. Energy-saving lamps and incandescent lamp and similar size, the interface is the same incandescent lamp. Energy-saving lamps can completely replace the use of incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps just consuming incandescent bulbs with one fifth of the power to a quarter, greatly saving lighting electricity costs, "energy-saving lamps" the name is so. Although the energy-saving lamps to more environmentally friendly and more energy-saving than the incandescent lamp, but also preserve the old habit of incandescent lamps -- frequent switch easy to bulb is burnt out, and then led lights came out.
LED light is a light-emitting diode, its basic structure is a piece of electrically LED semiconductor material on a shelf, it can directly into the light. LED lights but the basic approach to perfection. It is energy saving, than the previous two lamp life longer, it is shock, environmental protection, small size, you literally switch it does not matter, which is the last generation of electric light can not. It can also be waterproof, as long as you do not have the problem of ensuring the circuit, it can be directly in the water, many lights in the fountain is the LED lights. But it still has some shortcomings, its price is more expensive, light efficiency and life has not yet reached the design theory, but these are available through process improvement to overcome, although now LED light source can not replace the existing traditional light source, but with the development of science and technology. For the future is led in the world!
Development of small lamp bears witness to the development of science and technology in the world, the development of science and technology in the world make people's life with each passing day, in order of increasing to meet the needs of people's lives, intelligent lighting development as the tide general into the contemporary human life.

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