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LED lighting market usher in the small busy season "
Time:2015-03-18    Read:3934 Time

The latest release of the ancient town lighting price index, said the lamp Market in April this year, the overall performance is impressive, a record high of 121.4 points, the end of the month fell to 117.24 points. 4 in lighting industry sales gradually into the normal, lighting factory reach merchants product orders increased rapidly, market trading atmosphere than in previous years active, after the start of the first small peak "rujierzhi, releasing market to pick up a positive signal.
Commercial lighting series index fell by 0.36% compared to March, the decline is not obvious. Commercial lighting products are rich, is affected by the market supply and demand, material price and product upgrades, and a variety of factors, coupled with all types of commercial real estate, public works in April not fully into the normal, commercial lighting purchases also failed to enhance the signs, hence index for April showed mixed staggered state.
Outdoor lighting series by the domestic real estate market boom as well as municipal engineering, the park construction situation, the overall volatility of these factors and increase or decrease. Monthly review analysis, the current local government this year to carry out construction work plans remain unclear and recovery in orders for most of the market is relatively stable, the outdoor lighting has lowered the price of space, but with the energy-saving emission reduction and green lighting increasingly warming, LED street lamp large-scale promotion in the rigidity of the huge market demand is driving may outdoor lighting products production and marketing of rapid, active growth.
As the lighting industry, the maximum weight of the mainstream products, lighting products from the start of the year have been high, to the mid to late April hit a two - year to its highest level since 132.49 after the fall, 128.06 reported at the end of the month, month were number is 126.23 points, compared with the month on month rose 15.97%. Analysts believe that the traditional personalized lighting products with market demand and go all the way high, prompting the major manufacturers in March and April to increase innovation efforts, coupled with the March opening shortage phenomenon, traditional lighting products supply time prolonged, the short-term stock tensions push prices rise, and within a short time overall price adjustment is little. Expected in May to supply the full recovery of the normal supply chain, all kinds of promotional promotions also increased, lighting series prices will soon fall, and continued to decline for some time.

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